Where To Go in 2023 for the Cultural Traveller

Did you visit any of the destinations, I recommended in 2022? Unfortunately, I didn’t. I was supposed to go to Vilnius, but as always: travel plans change. But I did travel 50 days last year, and I visited 4 new countries as well as 3 destinations from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2022. Discover my best and worst destinations in 2022. 

Now I’m getting ready for next year. Here you find 9 carefully researched and selected cultural destinations I recommend for 2023



I have no doubt Romania is going to be an even more popular destination in 2023. Despite, that I haven’t been. Romania is very high up on my list  – especially since you can take the train to most cities.

The Romanian city definitely has a mix of cultures to brag about: more than 30 different cultures have lived: Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, Serbs, Croats, Italians, Spaniards and Bulgarians.



2023 sees 3 European Capital of culture one of them being Timisoara. The big opening will be on 17-19 February.
Viorel Vașadi/Pixabay


2023 will be full of cultural activities like art performances, exhibitions and music. Find the programme for 2023 here. Top sights in the city include the old town with historical buildings, the cathedral, Unirii square, Banat Village Museum, or take a communist tour. A few hours away lies Serbia, Hungary and UNESCO site Rosia Montana.


Mexico has to be one of my favourite countries. So much to see, nice people, great food, beautiful landscapes. The city name Aguascalientes means hot water, and is named after the hot springs that used to be here.
Efraín Cajero/Pixabay


This central-Mexcian city is The American Capital of Culture in 2023. Created in the image of the European one, we’ll see if it will be a continuous element in my list.



For the dark tourist: visit the National Museum of Death. Try to time your travels with one of the largest fairs in the Americas: San Marco Fair. It’s in April and May and unlike the Capital Culture year, the fair has a website. Only 2 hours away is the city of Guanajuato. The historical center and mines are a UNESCO Site.


I visited Vienna during winter, and I would love to go back. I was suppose to go for business this, April, but again plans change and now it’s London. Sadly.
building in snow in vienna


In 2023, the Austrian capital of Vienna celebrates, that it has been 150 years since the city’s World Fair. The fair in 1873 was the starting point of the Austrian capital as a destination for travellers. On top of that, the elegant palace Belvedere has a 300th anniversary beginning its festivities this spring.
the garden of belvedere in winter
Belvedere garden on a grey day


So much to see in Vienna. Castles, museums. And eating cake and drinking wine. Listening to epic music. If you visit in December, the city has splendid Christmas Markets. Find christmas cosiness in Vienna. For the perfect accommodation? How about Rosewood Vienna Hotel, where Mozart lived! Maybe some genius will rub off on you. Obviously, the Belvedere is a must on its anniversary. All year, the art museum has a special jubilee exhibition. For a more eco-conscious trip, take the new night train Nightjet to Vienna.


Bhutan has long been on my list, since a family friend is from Thimphu. But I can’t go without my husband, and he won’t go without our son. So, we’ll have to wait until he wants to travel more or gets older.
Suket DedhiaPixabay


First of all, Bhutan is finally open after COVID- lockdown – albeit with restrictions. A new hiking trail “Trans-Bhutan Trail”opened in . Lonely Planet named Bhutan as Best in Travel 2023 for great journeys. After the lockdown, Bhutan is one of those countries revisiting their tourism strategy. The result is a huge change in the price of the tourist tax. The “Sustainable development fee” will rise from 65 til 200 USD per person per night. This will sadly make the country closed for the underprivileged travellers, but the funds go to protect culture, infrastructure and towards sustainability.
Mahmur Marganti/Pixabay


The newly restored The Trans-Bhutan Trail is all the rage. The hiking trail connects 400 historic sites with museums, fortresses and temples. A dream for someone who can only go hiking if the trail leads to a historic site … just for me. The entire trails is 403 km across the Land of the Thunder Dragon.


I love Greece. If you read my bio, you’ll discover why. Even though, I’ve travelled to Greece for 43 years, I haven’t been here. Elefsina or Eleusis is where the Eleusian mysteries were celebrated in honour of the goddess Demeter and hence one of the most important religious sites in Greece.


Elefsina / Eleusis is one of the European Capital of Culture 2023. The opening ceremony will be on February 4.


So, it’s not the biggest or most famous site in Greece, but that’s the point of the Culture Capitals. Find the 2023 program here. I have to say as a lover of all ancient things, this program filled with tragedy, mysteries and cult will definitely be on my wishlist for this year. (And a perfect addition to Aphrodite’s birthplace I visited in 2022.)

Very close to Athens, it’s easily reached in a day trip. But how can you settle for one day.


Oman was my favourite destination last year, which you already know if you read my best & worst destinations of 2022. With a tagline: The friendliest country in the Middle East, this 1001 nights Arabic dream sure lives up to the slogan.
mutrah corniche in oman
Muscat in Oman


Oman was on Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2022, so you’re already late. So go now, before you won’t be able to see the turtles laying eggs due to crowds.
Beehive tombs in Zukait


What’s not to do. Oman has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including some special beehive tombs, which can only be experienced here and in Yemen. Oman also has palm plantations, beautiful beaches, ancient fortresses, a desert and more dates than you can eat. Post coming soon!


I’ve only been to Budapest, but would like to explore more of Hungary. If you fell the same, 2023 is a good time. Veszprém is one of Hungary’s most important historical cities and for over a 1000 years, Veszprém has been a city with a castle and home to the oldest bishop seat in the country.
nautilus64 / Pixabay


Veszprém is one of the 3 European Capital of Culture 2023. The grand opening is January 21-22.
Leslie Eckert / Pixabay


The entire area will be full of activities. Discover the 2023 program here. The main sights in the city are the castle and St. Michael Cathedral. The city is not to far from the famous Lake Balaton, also included in the festivities. If you want more, drive 1 hour north and you find the UNESCO site of Pannonhalma Archabbey. You might also be able to watch soccer, since this is what google thought I wanted researching for this.


I live in Copenhagen and therefore find it a bit hard to see the allure. I’m always trying to leave. But through the lens of you travellers, I’m seeing my own city in new ways. Thanks!


In 2023, Copenhagen is UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023. Denmark has brought up some internationally hardhitters: Sydney Opera House architect Utzon and omnipresent BIG. It’s only the second city in the world to be named so and is the world’s largest event on Sustainable Architecture.
Student quarters


Hit up the city’s finest architecture. New and old. The 4 architectural World Heritage Sites in Denmark are all located close to Copenhagen:  Roskilde Cathedral, Kronborg Castle, Parforce Hunting Landscape and Chistiansfeld. More modern architectural pieces includes the waste factory which is also a ski lane: Copenhill. Some of my favourites includes Superkilen, The Circle Bridge and the inner aula of the Black Diamond. When you’re here you can also hit by the best restaurant in the world: Geranium. I’ve only been there for lunch, since I spend all my money on travels.


Finally! 2020 is finally the year the long awaited new Grand Egyptian Museum opens. I wrote this in 2019, 2020 and again in 2021 and 2022! But no, 2023 will be the year…

Free image


After so many years of delay, Egypt MUST soon open this long awaited archaeological museum, because many of us travellers are postponing our visit until then. The latest I heard was that they were assembling a boat inside the museum, so it can’t be that long.

The finished museum will be the largest archaeological museums in the world with gold delights like the  Tutankhamen treasure, and the new airport and metro line makes everything go easier.


The Museum! Historic Cairo is in itself a World Heritage Site, so you’ll be cultural just by walking around taking in the smell and drinking tea – in the City of the Dead for instance. I would choose to see the fortress built by Saladin, the famous Muslim sultan of the Middle East. He is the founder of the Ayyūbid dynasty, and fought against the Christian Crusaders, and is most famous for capturing of Jerusalem. And did I mention pyramids? After a few days, when you had enough of the chaotic traffic, jump on a train to Alexandria as well. For the library, you know.
temple in egypt
Ancient Thebes

If you find ancient Egypt as fascinating as me, head to Luxor or ancient Thebes: Must-See Temples & Tombs In Valley of the Kings!

I just wanna go everywhere. For me, my workplace is part of the architecture year in Copenhagen, and then I will try catch one of the European Capitals of Culture this summer – probably Elefsina. Otherwise, I’m trying to convince my sister of driving around the Kaukasus and convincing husband and son of looking for cheetahs in Tanzania including a visit to an old colleague in Zanzibar.

But in my experience, when your travels depend on others schedules, you never know…

the travelling dane in wahiba sands
sunset over the dunes in Oman
Where are you going this year?