Top Destinations in 2019 for the Cultural Traveller!

Yes, the Moon is one of those places!

Did you visit any of the destinations, I recommended in 2018? I did, but only 1. I went to Warsaw, Poland, and not only was the Warsaw Rising noticeable in monuments and events, but also the forthcoming 100 years celebrations for their (short-lived) independence was very present for the museum curators I met. 

Here are the selected anniversaries and cultural highlights to travel for in 2019:


I bet you haven’t seen this destination on many lists. But on July 10 2019, it’s the 50th anniversary for the Moon landing, and I’ve always dreamed of going to Moon. This year, some damn lucky pilots will apparently set foot on the surface 46 years after the last one.

If the moon is a little too far for a weekend break, and you can’t wait for VR Moon Travel (which I’m anxiously waiting for), head for Kennedy Space Center in Florida and do a simulation space walk.

Image: NASA


Lonely Planet named Copenhagen as #1 city to visit in Best in Travel 2019! Food, architecture and sustainability in a cool setting. I guess that’s true and Noma 2.0 is pretty fantastic. This is my home town, so that’s off the list. For a local, 2019 is more about the new metro line finally opening and getting rid of all the construction.

In summer enjoy swimming in the harbour, or if you are here in wintertime, I recommend Botanical garden or the UNESCO site of Roskilde Cathedral with 40 royal tombs.


Matera in Italy is one of the two European Capitals of Culture in 2019. The Italian city is a World Heritage Site for  it’s troglodyte settlement in Sassi. That is cave dwelling people…

Roman history, pasta, wine, ice cream and beautiful vistas. Need I say more… This just goes to show that you never finishes with Italy as a cultural traveller. But rumours has it, that the old walls might not be prepared for all the tourists!


Image: Wikipedia

100 years ago after WWI, Estonia achieved independence – for about a year. That’s worth celebrating. But it’s also 800 years ago the Danish flag fell from the sky in the capital Talinn. According to legend, the Danes were loosing a battle against the Estonians, but a flag fell from the sky, and we won. Fortunately, there’s no hard feelings, so you’ll find Danish events planned.

This, I’m hoping to catch – as my trip to neighbouring Riga in 2017 was great. (Unfortunately, I didn’t. But maybe in 2020?)


500 years ago Cortez landed in Mexico. How that went, you can read in: Discover Mexico with a conquistador as a guide! This is not something to celebrate, but  we can celebrate that Cortez introduced cocoa to Europe.

My trustful source on food trends (my sister) says Mexico will continue to be a foodie hot spot next year alongside South America. Mexico City is also #6 on LP Best in Travel 2019 list, and last year they got a new UNESCO site: Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley. To top it off: Museo Nacional de Antropologia is one of my absolute favourite museums in the world. 


(I  actually did visit! Read more in European Capital of Culture 2019: Plovdiv.)

Plovdiv is also European Capital of Culture  2019, and I had never heard of it before. But I have now and I’m intrigued…

But it turns out, it’s one of the oldest city in Europa with a grand Roman amphitheater. And the Balkans is always surprisingly pleasant.


Every list for top destinations this year include Oman, and I’m pretty excited about this country. In 2018, a new UNESCO site, Qalhat, was added to the other 4.

Oman is definitely the country to look for, if you want more culture than Dubai, but still like sand, palms and even nesting turtles.

mausoleum near qalhat in oman

I finally visited in 2022, so it’s my own picture.


This year, it’s 30 years ago the Berlin Wall fell. Go to Berlin for the remembrance of the this joyous occasion and real historical highlight. While you are there you can see “Babylon Berlin” and dream of the 1920’s.

But I would like to go to Germany’s wine country around Mosel and the Rhine. Read a guide from Culture Trip here.


I’m ending this list with an alternative to the moon. On July 2 a total solar eclipse will be visible (or not visible) from Chile and Argentina. Head for the Atacama desert! Follow it’s path with NASA.

The image is mine from a lunar eclipse in 2018.

If you need more inspiration, check out my best & worst destinations from 2022!

Where are you going in 2023?