Travel for art, culture and history! Get tips on the lesser known places, the history behind, museum musts,  travel literature, UNESCO World Heritage sites and nature experiences.

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IMG_1686My name is Sara –born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark (and yes, it’s “hyggeligt”). I get nervous, if there isn’t a ticket in my inbox.

So far: 42 countries covering 4 continents.

In 2018, I have so far visited 4 new countries: Egypt, Montenegro, Poland and Ireland, but also revisited Norway and Paris. Also I had my first trip to Sarajevo (although 2. visit to BiH). And then finishing the year with a Christmas Market trip to Hamburg, Germany. Next year, I’m hoping for fewer but longer travels…



I have been travelling, since I was 0 years old, but my wanderlust began in 1999, when I went with a friend 3 months around China only 19 years old. My first trip was to Greece, and I think my love from Greece originated here.

I am a major in philosophy and arts, and I am curious of  different cultures and trying to understand other peoples point of view. I studied philosophy and cultural studies with a focus on art. I also work at UNESCO site, and have worked in several Danish Museums. So the cultural sights and the historic background is of course, where my travel advice will point you to.


1 My mom and sister (most often). Mostly European city breaks with focus on museums and food. But we are trying to be more adventurous.

2 My husband and son (not often). The long backpack trips and trips outside Europe is with my husband and son, who is diagnosed with a mild form of autism. So he doesn’t really want to travel, so this might change.

3 Friends. (Not as often as I like). Small European weekend trips.

4 Museum group and work. Once a year, I go on 3-day museum group tour.

Mexico 014

My son doesn’t like to travel, but I sometimes manage to convince him…

Finally, I am not really a good traveller, since I get carsick, airsick, trainsick and especially seasick. Occasionally, I also get land sickness. I really should do more biking and walking trips…

My favourite travel experience so far was the time I went to Zimbabwe for a walking safari & elephants in the pool in Hwange National Park.

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PHOTO: ©The Travelling Dane