Top 3 Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg has so many Christmas markets and they all have their own style; some moderne, while others are exactly as you imagined. You can even find more adult and gay versions. But if you prefer the more traditional markets with sausages and knitted hats, here are the Top 3 markets:

I’ve been to Hamburg before – the 8th largest city in Europe- and found it surprisingly nice. It’s especially good for shopping. I wasn’t planning on returning so soon, but my mother and cousin was going, and I have trouble saying no to travels. And I thought, that a small December trip should either have sun or Christmas. And a German Christmas Market is a good as it gets.


All over Hamburg are Christmas Markets and you can’t visit them all, so I’ll just share the most famous 3. If you want a corner for drinking grog or look at homemade candles, try to avoid Saturday evening. Hope you find your jolly here…



Also known as Rathausmarket. My favourite market was definitely the one by the Town Hall. It has a gigantic Christmas tree with numerous lights and an actual flying Santa. One of the main things to do is find one of the wooden houses serving mulled wine or grog. Ask what’s the best selling drink and buy one. Remember you pa y extra for the mug, which you can keep or return and get your money back. Some thinks it’s a nice souvenir. I don’t…


hamburg christmas markets.JPG

Known as Winterwald Hamburg (meaning winter forest). Along this shopping every little side street and corner have its own Christmas market all the way from the central station down to the town hall. But what makes this market special is the street is closed. The entire Mönckenbergstraße is closed off for cars and several times of day a small parade of children dress up and sing Christmas songs touring the street. Different markets from the central train station to the city hall and down to the Alster lake.

The street is also where you find all the larger shopping centres, so buying chocolate or a  a wooden toy for the kids is almost unavoidable. I bought a 50 cm tall nutcracker!



A third market is the White Market. It’s down at the lake by Jungfernstieg. It’s described as a modern aesthetic market, where all the tents are white. But I have to say, that I thought it completely lacked the charm of the others. No fake wooden lodges, no flying Santas and no personality. And I’m Scandinavian and loves simplicity.


Visiting a Christmas market in Germany attracts many visitors. Germany has a long tradition for Christmas markets, and the ones you find in Copenhagen are mostly a watered down, sad version of the German ones.
IMG_2243 (2)

Christkindlemarkt (meaning Christ child Market) has been held in Germany from the 17th century with the one in Nuremberg as one of the oldest ones. France also have held markets from around that time or even earlier. But these markets are actually and offspring of winter markets established during the Middle Ages and 14th century. Also UK holds markets, but when I visited London in the end of November, they were still setting up.

A market considered a forerunner is the one in Vienna, Austria. Find out why in Christmas market & Jugendstil!  You can also find a list of the top Christmas markets in Europe from Culture Trip here. Hamburg is included.

Do you like Christmas Markets?

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