Why & Why Not to Go on a Ski Trip to Norway!

In February one of the best travels are ski trips! Here’s what to expect when skiing in Norway.

I’m not a big ski’er, but it is a great family vacation, since everyone is involved in the same activity, you’re outside and you’re active for most part of the day. We just returned from our third family ski trip to Norway! We just keep going back. I’ve been to France too, but this is just way more family friendly and calm, which is nice for those of use, that likes reading a book in front of the fire – and not afterskiing. Except you might not see the sun for long…


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There are many areas in Norway good for family-friendly skiing. Gausdalen and Guldbrandsdalen are large areas with Geilo and Trysil as favourites. We always stay in Skeikampen in Gausdalen.


You can drive, fly or go bu public transport to Skeikampen or any nearby destination. We drove from Copenhagen to Gausdalen, and it takes about 9 hours. Beware you have to pay toll to drive on the Norwegian roads. If you want to stop along the way, there is a small town Uddevalla about half way from Copenhagen. It’s boring, but close to the highway.


You pass Lillehammer on the way, where Winter Olympics was held in 1994. Notice the Hamar Olympic Hall known as the Vikingship, because it’s shapes like an upsidedown Viking Ship!


You can also take the ferry to Oslo and then drive. Then it’s only about 3 hours. You’ll pass many bridges and tunnels going through the mountains on the way.


Or you can take the train to Lillehammer and then continue by bus. No matter how, it’s a beautiful drive.


You will often find both alpine and cross country skiing. Fjellet Skeikampen is 1.124 metres high and there’s 3 lift and 5 slopes. There’s also some small practice hills for children.


The main lift area



Buying groceries in Norway is extremely expensive. And I’m used to Danish prices! There’s a convenient store, but it’s only for emergencies, I would say. The next store is about 30 min. away.


There are two ski-in bars. One is more family oriented with sausages and sandwich, the other is burgers and pizza and has a fireplace. The hot chocolate is a bestseller!



In Norway there is long tradition for having “Højfjellshotell”. We always stay at Thon Hotels Skeikampen, since we don’t want to make our own dinner, and there is a spa and a billiard game.


There are no other hotels nearby. But there are plenty of lodges and apartments for rent, but remember to buy groceries in Sweden, since it’s way cheaper!



Extra activities include night skiing and dog sledding. Dog sledding is quite fun! See what’s on, when you get there.

If you want advice on skiing with children, read: Going on a ski trip with an autistic child? Just keep it simple!

What’s your favourite ski spot?

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