Best in Travel 2017!

So, time to settle the score! What was the best trip in 2017? You can surely find a destination for your next vacation  among my Best in Travel 2017 for your travel planning for this year!

Inspired by everyone else, I am remembering this last year’s travels. This year I went on 7 trips and visited 2 new countries! 2017 offered trips to Athens in Greece, Riga in Latvia, Crete in Greece, the island of Bornholm in Denmark, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Bruges/Gent/Brussels in Belgium and Helsinki in Finland. Besides a lot of good times in our summerhouse on the island of Moen in Denmark…

Here is Top 7 in 2017!



Riga, Latvia

Riga was really a nice surprise, so it’s listed #1. I hadn’t been there before, but knew some of the Baltic countries in advance. It’s a nice quiet town with good food, some museums, beautiful buildings and perfect for weekend getaway for a couple of friends. Oh, and cheap good beer!

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Brussels, Belgium

This was also new territory, so it’s rated second. It should really be three different posts, since the towns were so different. I din’t really like Brussels except for the many restaurants, the fine art and the Grand Place. Bruges was unique with it’s well preserved Medieval center, but very touristy. Gent was the best of them combining historical architecture with trendy university-vibes. Oh, and chocolate…

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The Hephaestus Temple in Athens, Greece

I had visited Athens once before, but not with great success. We stayed at an awful place and was sexually harassed on several occasions and all the squares were under construction, since it was just before the Olympics. But I decided to give it a second chance being a huge fan of Greece. And it was great! (which is not really a surprise). And all within walking distance. You can spend a few days or several weeks! So many temples, food and wine…

I haven’t written a post yet, but I will.



The Mediterranean by Crete, Greece

It’s a Greek islands! The only reason this is not on top, is because I have been more times than I can count, and there was a heat wave (45 degrees) during the week, we were there. Also my son, who is diagnosed with autism didn’t want to go anywhere, so we had to stay and eat at the hotel all the time (lots of raki helps). But still, it’s a Greek island…

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Again a re-visit. But Amsterdam is great! They have so many museums you will have difficulty choosing. Great food from all over the world and (unlike the first four on the list) – cool shops. Even though it’s packed with tourists, they spread out so it’s not too intense. The canals give a calm atmosphere and just hanging out with a beer looking at the canal boats drifting by is all a group of girls need.

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The city of Sandivg in Bornholm, Denmark

This island is very different from the rest of Denmark. It has rocks! And you have to go through Sweden to get there. They have really good licorice, but go when the weather is good! It’s nice, but I have been enough times now…

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The cathedral in Helsinki, Finland

This is last on the list because I have been there several times, having family there, but this time I felt like this city was a bit smaller- and that is not a good sign. Also we went there for a funeral, sooo… But is a very different city from the rest of the Nordic ones with forest just outside, really good design and local meat like reindeer.

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2018 ⇓

Next year, I so far can look forward to a very exciting bucket list trip to Luxor, Egypt with my mom in two weeks, a ski trip to Norway in February with my family; a re-re-re-re-visit to Paris in April with my sister and a museum study group tour to Warsaw in September. I also hope for a agriturismo summertrip to Italy, a girlfriend trip to Tallinn or Edinburgh and a longer trip outside Europe in the fall.

What was your best trip in 2017?


See you in 2018!