Lions killing and eating a buffalo in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

This is the most wild experience, I’ve ever had. You never know what you will see on a safari, so getting a glimpse of an actual feeding was overwhelming, and I felt so lucky!

We sat there for a couple of hours, and I could have stayed forever, but in the end my son of 8 years got bored(!), and we turned back. As you can see, there was one other car, but otherwise we were the only ones there.


IMG_3319IMG_3348IMG_3351We came back the day after to check on the carcass, and the lions were still there. But the buffalo was just bones and hide. If you think, it is sad for the buffalo – if the lions don’t eat, they will die. And a lot of other animals benefit from its death: the scavengers – the hyenas and the vultures eating the leftover parts and some of the bones as well! There is not a part of the animal, that is not used. The small jackal always following the lions snatched the stomach and ran to it’s cubs hiding in a old tree trunk. That is the circle of life and what humans are doing are much worse!



The jackal grabbed the stomach lying on the left side


The vultures waited for several days

This was taken back in 2013. As you might have heard of a lion called Cecil was shot in Hwange two years later, but the males we saw were too small to be Cecil. Cecil’s male son was also shot, but he also looked different than the one in this video.

You can see some of the lions are wearing a brown box around their neck. It is part of a wildlife research and protection program. Read more here:

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Official website of zimparks and Hwange here.