Below the red rooftops in the underrated Lisbon in Portugal.

Portugal and Lisbon is mainly known for port wine and architecture – so what are you waiting for! The weather in Lisbon is one of the best in Europe, so this is a great city for a small break – especially if you love churches.


Rumor has it that Lisbon was founded by the Greek hero Odysseus on his way back from Troy! And it is a fact, that Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world – older than Paris, London and Rome.


City view with the Tagus River in the  background

Historically the city is most famous for the devastating earthquake in 1755, that destroyed most of the old city and killed a large part of the population.

There’s much to see in this beautiful city, so I’ll just show you some of my favourite spots.



The white surface of the Church of São Roque is contrasted with is golden interior. It also has a museum.



Inside Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

The monastery is an UNESCO-site built in 1502 and Vasco de Gama is buried here. The monks here was to guide sailors, and the site is filled with maritime motifs.



Sao Jorge Castle

The castle was built in mid-11th century. The Romans, Moors and Portuguese (just to mention a few) have all occupied this mighty fortress. There is a good view from up there.


The monument of discoveries is located, where ships used to sails off to trade with the far East.


Monument of the Discoveries in Belem.

When you’re tired of learning about Portuguese history and many naval explorations, then it’s time for port wine and cakes from famous Antiga Confeiteria de Belém.



The stain glass window in the Lisbon Cathedral from the 12th century. Behind the cathedral are cloisters built on top of an old mosque resembling the catholic victory.


Fountain on Rossio Square. The square was once frequently used for executions.





Alfama is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, and it has many weird and surprising corners and narrow streets to get lost in.


Its’ in the Alfama the famous red rooftops are most significant.


View of the red roofs of Alfama.


The sea is a recurring theme in Lisbon. Here from the very large and impressive Oceanarium -one of the largest in the world.



Lisbon is very colourful city. besides the red roofs tiles or azulejos light up the houses and the streets.


You see the tiles or Azulejos on many buildings. They even have a museum for them.



A lot of homeless people. We saw a large amount of homeless people in Lisbon. I’ve read in the Portugal News that around 2.000 people sleep on the streets.


The tram is the best way to get around. They have been tramming since the 19th century. If you take E28, it takes the scenic route through old Alfama.


What do you like most about Lisbon?

Visit another underrated city in Europe – read more in: A struggle for independence! The surprisingly nice Baltic capital of Riga, Latvia.

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