What to remember, when planning a city break in Europe!

If you want to get the best out of a short city break there is a few thing that will really pay off the check in advance. This will help you avoid queues and bad food and securet a good night sleep!

This past year I planned citybreaks to Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris and are now planning a group tour to Budva and Warsaw, so know this kind of travelplanning very well!

kroatien 236

I usually search through Momondo. If all the good tickets are from 1 specific airline, I usually visit their website. Sometimes it’s cheaper sometimes it’s not!

It might also be a good idea to be a reward member of your favourite airline. I’m member of Norwegian and SAS.

An important thing to remmeber when bookin planetickets, is to check how far the airport is from the city. In Stansted London it takes an hour and to Stockholm the express train is just as expensive as the flight (from Copenhagen anyway)

Photo: Airport in Split, Croatia


Should you chose a hotel, an apartment or and AiRBnB.

If you travel with people who don’t eat breakfast at the same time or chidlren an apartment is a good idea. Find out what’s important for you and search on hotels.com or booking.com or airnbnb.com or hostel.com. If you’re into luxury look at small luxury hotels of the world

  • hotel, apartment or hostel
  • breakfast
  • 1 or 2 beds or seperate rroms
  • balcony
  • view
  • rooftop
  • bar or restaurant on side
  • top floor for view or botoom for easy acces
  • elevator or stairs

I usually write the hotel in advance to let them know i prefer a quiet room at the top. you don’t always get it, but you’ll never get it if you don’t ask! Just when in Paris everybody was complaining about the noise, but we were the only ones who got a quiter room because I had written 2 weeks in advance.

Photo: Fridhem Pension at Visby, Sweden

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Photo: Hertog Jan outside Bruges


Many museum are closed on Mondays, but there is also diffrent holidays or national days. so

Photo: Zoo in Berlin, Germany


Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy the ticket to and from the airport beforehand – like in Stockholm and London. It might also be free with a tourist city card.

Photo: Lisbon in Portugal

Do you have another list?

Also see 10 things to check before travelling!



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