Top 4 Spas in Skaane, Sweden.

When I tell people that I go on spa trips, many usually say “Oh, I always wanted to do that”. And going on a spa is just as good as it sounds –if not better. This is one of those things, that I book regularly and you don’t need to plan much ahead!


I live in Denmark, where it’s very expensive –also spa – so I go to the southern part of Sweden, where it is much cheaper. You can also go find places in Germany or The Baltic states. Most of these spas are placed in small town with long bathing history.


I go with my husband for some quality marriage-time, but also with my mom and sister for some time away from my marriage. Many book in the summertime, but winter is when you use the facilities the most. Even if you only have one night, it’s worth it! You just get completely relaxed and eat healthy, sleep, work out and got to the sauna. You will be surprised how clean you can be! Remember the workout, since it is so de-stressing and also the healthy food, because it affects your overall well being. Expect prices starting from 130 € incl. room, breakfast & dinner and entrance to spa and training area.  But look out for deals!

Well, here’s my Top 4 Spas in Sweden:


Our favorite place at the moment is Ystad Saltsjöbad.

It has been a seaside hotel since 1897! It has won several awards as the World Travel Award in 2013 for Swedens Leading Spa. The style is New Port-inspired, but goes surprisingly well with the Nordic minimalism. They have a fantastic spa area located 20 meters from Østersøen. It is not open for children (which is so nice and I even have a child), but if you do have a child with you, there is a second pool in the courtyard. The spa area has a large pool, two saunas – one with a view over the water, hot outside tubs, sunbeds and a Jacuzzi. The training room is quite small though, but durable. But more spectacularly, on first floor you can relax in a room full of giant beds (real beds) facing the sea or the open fireplace. Here you can just read, sleep and drink a glass of champagne from the bar in your bathrobe. There is also free nuts and sparkling water.

We love it! They also have an excellent training program – especially the morning yoga at 8 – either outside on the pier or inside. I usually also get a massage or a mud bath. There are both restaurant and bar. The breakfast is a buffet, and if you eat dinner here books the restaurant in advance. The food could be a little healthier and more vegetarian, but it is good and local. The entire atmosphere is just relaxed and warm and welcoming. They even have free bikes or rubber boots. The old town of Ystad is quite close and really nice for some shopping.

A walk along the beach will give you thee wonderful bathhouses


Hotel Skansen is located in the little town Båstad (known for it’s big tennis tournament) right next to the water. It was built as a warehouse in 1877, but in the roaring 20ies it was rebuilt so guests could play tennis and swim. It has housed both Nobel and Swedish King Gustaf V. At the end of a long pier, there’s a “kallbadhus” – a bathhouse for anyone who wants to jump into the cold sea – also in the wintertime. The have a large gym and excellent food. The building is modern looking – I prefer the old wooden ones – but this is definitely a place worth visiting.


Torekov Hotell is a smaller spa hotel than the others, but architecturally integrated very well in the nature place. It’s a little bit further from the sea, because the beach is part of a special nature preserve. We had a wooden terrace, but didn’t use it because of the weather. But it is very quiet, and there are not so many conferences, so you can maintain the relaxed feeling.


Varberg Kusthotell (former Kurort) is the place I’ve been most times. 

They changed the name from kurort to hotel, and that says it all! This used to be our favorite, but they turned a bit more congressional – with large meetings which changed the menu meatier and less spirulina. But the naked-in-a-wooden tub-being-scrubbed-with-seaweed-experience was awesome. They have the best training area since they use to (or maybe still do) rehabilitation training. It’s an old hospital, and lies beautifully on the rocks close to Varberg city.

If you like wellness: Join an ancient tradition and travel for great spa resorts!

Do you know a place I need to try?